Chukku Kashayam
Chukku Kashayam or Dry Ginger Tea is a herbal drink which has its origin in Kerala. It is very healthy and helps in preventing colds and coughs in children and adults alike. I learned to make this Chukku kashayam from my mother who is well versed in making herbal concoctions and various herbal mixtures for different occasions. Read More »
Banana Milk Shake
Banana Milk Shake is a healthy drink made with bananas, almonds, cashew nuts and milk as main ingredients. My children used to like this very much when they were kids and I used to make it almost every day to inculcate the habit of drinking milk. They enjoyed it even after they grew up as it a very yummy and filling drink and can sustain you even without breakfast. Read More »
Avial is another vegetable dish my dad was good at preparing. This dish is also reserved for the special days. Read More »
Aloo Paratha
Aloo Parathas are made using Potato and wheat flour as the main ingredient with all spices in the required quantity according to ones taste. My children love this yummy parathas. I usually make the curd dip as accompaniment for the parathas, preparation method I have mentioned here. I also make parathas using mooli (Radish), Cauliflower, Panner (Cottage Cheese), Methi (Fenu Greek Leaves), MInced Meat, Minced Chicken etc. Each has got its distinct taste. I will give the recipe for each of them one by one. Enjoy the delicious parathas.. Read More »
Akki Rotti
Akki Rotti is a very healthy and delicious breakfast made with rice flour,grated coconut, green chillies, coriander leaves, cumin seeds and salt originally from Karnataka. Read More »
Poori and Palya is a South Indian dish eaten mostly as breakfast and can be had as snacks also. Read More »
Kesri Bath
Kesari Bath
Kesari Bath is a dessert which is originally from Karnataka but popular throughout India. It is prepared mainly during festivals such as Ugadi and also a very common breakfast. Very easy to cook and delicious. Read More »