Coriander – a herb that cannot be ignored

Coriander is an herb that is used by many not only does it look and smell good on your food, it also has many health benefits to offer.

– Coriander helps you digest food better. It prevents gas from forming in the stomach.

– It lowers blood sugar by stimulating insulin production.

– Coriander is a good source of magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorous, vitamins A and C, phytonutrients and flavonoids.

– The anti-inflammatory properties of coriander help against arthritis.

– It helps in lowering the LDL levels. It also helps increase the HDL level.

– Its anti-microbial and antiseptic properties fight against all sorts of infections and ulcers. It is also useful in healing wounds.

– It helps regulate menstrual cycles properly. It is also great for obese people as it helps reduce fat resulting in weight loss.

– Coriander prevents involuntary contraction of muscles and hence as a result there are no body cramps.

– It helps in the proper functioning of the liver and helps prevent cancer

– It also prevents nausea and urinary tract infections.

More on Coriander

Discover some more health benefits of fresh coriander:

-It helps in digestion and improves cardiovascular health

-It helps in removing phlegm and reduces fever

-It is rich in essential oils, Vitamin C and 6 types of acids boost your immunity

-It is helpful in relieving heart burn, colitis and gastric formation

-It helps in lowering cholesterol and aids in weight loss

-Coriander leaves clubbed with buttermilk, cumin powder, pepper and curry leaves is a great coolant in summer.