Custard Apple

custard apple

Here are some of the benefits that custard apple has to offer.

– The Vitamin A in custard apple helps keep the skin and hair healthy.

– The copper content helps against constipation.

– The high magnesium content in it maintains proper water balance in the body.

– It also removes acids from the joints thereby reducing the symptoms of arthritis.

– It also protects the heart.

– The potassium present in this fruit removes lethargy and makes you feel active.

– If you want to gain weight in a healthy way, eat custard apple.

– Dried and grounded custard apple helps against dysentery and diarrhoea.

– The leaves of custard apple work well against cancer while the bark helps against toothache and gum pain.

More on Custard apple

Delicious custard apple has immense health benefits for you:

-Custard apple is full of Vitamin A that is good for healthy eyes and hair

-It has loads of antioxidants that help in fighting the free radicals

-It is rich in magnesium content that relaxes the muscles and prevents heart ailments

-It is beneficial in treating arthritis, gout, anaemia, indigestion and nausea

-Its skin is helpful in maintaining healthy gums and teeth