Grapes !!! what can they can do for you.


Green Grapes

Juicy grapes are great for health. Discover their benefits:


green grapes– To relieve migraine, drink the juice from 100gm grapes before sunrise

– To ease teething in toddlers, give them 2 tsp grape juice daily

– Eating grapes daily is beneficial in arthritis

– Grape juice is very useful in treating acidity, indigestion and constipation

– It also increases haemoglobin and relieves anxiety



Black Grapes

Pop a handful of black grapes daily for their immense benefits:

black grapes– Eat black grapes regularly to enhance your concentration, reduce migraine and prevent Alzheimer’s disease

– Black grapes protect against damage to the heart muscles and help in lowering LDL cholesterol

-They are full of resveratrol that protects you against infections and inflammations

-Lutein and zeaxanthin in black grapes keep your eyes healthy with a good vision

-Black grapes have loads of Vitamin C and E that give you a smooth, young and glowing skin.

-It is a good fruit for diabetics as it contains a good amount of fiber because of which it reduces sugar spikes. The fiber also helps in proper digestion.