• Green Grapes
    Juicy grapes are great for health. Discover their benefits:

    – To relieve migraine, drink the juice from 100gm grapes before sunrise

    – To ease teething in toddlers, give them 2 tsp grape […]

  • admin wrote a new post, Custard Apple right now

    Here are some of the benefits that custard apple has to offer.

    – The Vitamin A in custard apple helps keep the skin and hair healthy.

    – The copper content helps against constipation.

    – The high magnesium […]

  • if it’s not your favourite already, here are a few facts about jack fruit, which can help you change your mind.

    – The potassium content in jackfruit helps prevent high blood pressure and subsequently heart a […]

  • Coriander is an herb that is used by many not only does it look and smell good on your food, it also has many health benefits to offer.

    – Coriander helps you digest food better. It prevents gas from forming in […]

  • Do you know of these uses of snake gourd?

    – Snake gourd is high in water content and helps cool down the body. It is also low in calories, which makes it a great addition to your weight loss menu.

    – It is […]

  • Ginger is not sweet but it definitely has some sweet benefits and here’s why you should eat it.

    – It helps prevent colon cancer.

    – It gives you quick relief form heart burn.

    – If you suffer much f […]

  • For tasty and fluffy omelets – Add a little milk or a tbsp of water when beating eggs.

    No more tears while chopping onions – Cut off both the ends, peel the onions and wash the onions under cold wat […]

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