Learn to make soft, fluffy Idli’s
Idli is made with lentils and rice, a healthy break fast which can be given to small babies too since they are easy to digest.
Servings Prep Time
4servings 60minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
10minutes 7hours
Servings Prep Time
4servings 60minutes
Cook Time Passive Time
10minutes 7hours
  1. For Idli batterI use ready made batter available in the market. Here I will mention how to make batter the traditional way I use this batter for making idlis the first day and dosa the next day
Idli Batter
  1. Raw rice – 2 cups washed and soaked for atleast 6-7 hrs
  2. Black gram dhall-2/3 cup washed and soaked for only 1 hour
  3. Fenugreek seeds- 1 tsp washed and soaked.
  4. I soak it for the same time as the rice so that it grinds smoothly else will stick to the mixer grinder
  5. Grind the rice to a very smooth consistency.
  6. Transfer this to a big vessel allowing space for the batter to ferment and rise.
  7. Grind the black gram dhall and fenugreek seeds to a very smooth paste.
  8. Mix it with rice batter in the same vessel add required salt and mix well and cover it and leave it to ferment overnight.
Cooking the Idli
  1. Smear the idli moulds with oil.
  2. Pour the batter in the moulds and cook it over steam in a big vessel with lid which can hold the idli mould and cover it.
  3. Add water in the vessel and keep the idli moulds inside and cook for 5-7 minutes till the steam comes out.
  4. Remove from fire keep it aside for sometime.
  5. Sprinkle some water over the cooked idlis and remove from the mould carefully without breaking the idlis.
  6. Transfer to a serving dish.
Recipe Notes

Idli’s are best served with Coconut Chutney and Sambhar

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